Business Model Canvas

Join us for a free place at our complimentary business strategy seminar. All you need to invest is two hours out of your business to work ON your business.

The Business Model Canvas will help clarify your business strategy. This workshop is beneficial at any stage of the business life cycle from start up or early stage to established company and will assist with the structure of a business plan by addressing the following nine elements. 

  1. Customer Segments: Who are the customers? What do they think? See? Feel? Do?
  2. Value Propositions: What’s compelling about the proposition? Why do customers buy, use?
  3. Channels: How are these propositions promoted, sold and delivered? Why? Is it working?
  4. Customer Relationships: How do you interact with the customer through their ‘journey’?
  5. Revenue Streams: How does the business earn revenue from the value propositions?
  6. Key Activities: What uniquely strategic things does the business do to deliver its proposition?
  7. Key Resources: What unique strategic assets must the business have to compete?
  8. Key Partnerships: What can the company not do so it can focus on its Key Activities?
  9. Cost Structure: What are the business’ major cost drivers? How are they linked to revenue?

Fundamentally, the canvas delivers three things:

  1. Focus: Stripping away 40+ pages of ‘stuff’ in a traditional business plan, the BMC will help clarify and focus on what’s driving the business (and what’s non-core and getting in the way).
  2. Flexibility: It’s a lot easier to tweak the model and try things (from a planning perspective) with something that’s sitting on a single page.
  3. Transparency: Your team will have a much easier time understanding your business model and be much more likely to buy in to your vision when it’s laid out on a single page.

Join us for this interactive workshop and come away with a business plan that is all on one page. 

There is absolutely no cost to attending so what are you waiting for? This is a super popular event, spaces are limited so sign up for this free event today!