IP and Entrepreneurship

Delivered by Chris Dodson OBE, Chairman & Founder of Torftech Group who will use practical examples and his vast business experience to explain how to best secure your IP.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) can be used to protect the technology, brand name, design and creativity behind the concept. It gives the creator sole ownership of the concept, in a similar way to owning physical property or assets. Owners can control the use of their intellectual property to gain financial reward.

In this talk, Chris will cover the importance of protecting intellectual capital for entrepreneurs.

  • What is the IP system in the UK?
  • How do entrepreneurs protect their ideas?
  • What types of IP protection are available?
  • What policies relate to the IP system and innovative entrepreneurship?


Chris Dodson OBE DL AFIChemE FIoD

Chris Dodson is a mechanical engineer and inventor with nearly 40 years experience in commercial technology development for industry, particularly in heavy energy consuming and renewable energy related industries.

Today, hundreds of industrial plants employ his many inventions and techniques to carry out a wide variety of commercial processes. He has particular expertise in the construction, negotiation and management of licence and technology agreements internationally.

Through executive and non-executive positions in a range of SMEs from games software to robotics, Chris has also provided his real ‘hands on’ international business experience to those establishing and growing new businesses and technologies. He has worked extensively in Europe, North America, India, Australasia and South Africa


  This event is sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology