Building a Talented Team

Finding and hiring good people is easy, finding & hiring great people is not. Hiring great talent can be a challenge for any business but in particular smaller businesses. At this briefing Harriet Kirk from Sage People (formerly Fairsail) will share some insights in to how she manages the process to get the right people on board and ensure they are happy, which results in the business being successful. Harriet will talk about the value of building long term relationships, selling the opportunity as well as building strong relationships with all business stakeholders. She will also talk about the internal vs agency approach and the return on investment of different approaches. With limited funds it's important to get it right when hiring. 

Harriet Kirk - Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Sage People (formerly Fairsail)

Rising rapidly at Sage People to the senior role she now holds, Harriet strongly believes that people are at the core of a business and what makes it a success. Hire great people and ensure they are happy, and the business will be successful. Harriet actively gets under the skin of Sage's products in order to better serve the business and candidates and she builds excellent relationships to act as trusted adviser with all business stakeholders. Harriet is a professional coach, continuing to study part time for MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change to develop further her skill set and utilise strong empathy and motivating skills to become a key creator of the community within the company – helping to drive all teams to success. Outside work Harriet finds time to be a professional opera singer and is a triathlete.

Join us for this briefing to hear from an expert who consistently overachieves using a proactive approach to hiring to achieve lower cost per hire and shorter time to hire.