Grow your business with the Reading Internship Scheme


Do you have a project that needs more effort to get it off the ground, a piece of research you need to kick off, a product launch to plan, a social media project to plan & test, or something else that needs some dedicated time?

Through the Reading Internship Scheme extra resource is available for you over the Spring and summer and it offers a real life learning experience for an undergraduate - everyone wins. The Scheme hosts four to eight week project-based internships for undergraduate students, during the summer break, with small and mid-sized businesses based in the Thames Valley & London area. 

The scheme is suitable for SMEs who are looking to connect with our talented students, through project-based work which delivers tangible benefits for your organisation. The scheme is open to all undergraduate students who are permitted to work full time during the summer vacation period so if you need an extra pair of hands this could be just what you need. Here are just some past projects:

  • Marketing Growth Hacker
  • Graphic Studio Intern
  • Nutrition Research & New Product Development
  • Charity Events Coordinator
  • Grant Applications Officer
  • Event Logistics and Author Liaison

The University champions the value students bring to project-based internships, so various grants are offered to ensure all students are paid for their work.

If you’d like to find out more, please register now for this free event hosted and supported by the Innovation Catalyst team & FSB together with the University of Reading. The scheme’s coordinator Holly Forsyth will be speaking at the event and will be available to answer your questions.