Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber security represents one of the greatest current risks to modern business. As larger companies can afford cutting edge technology to protect themselves, so the criminals prey on smaller enterprises and sole traders where their attacks are not only more likely to succeed, but also have a more devastating impact on the victim. SEROCU & Barclays are proud to present this inaugural, free to attend cyber awareness session aimed primarily at micro-businesses and sole traders. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge you need to spot common attacks, take simple steps with your online security to prevent them happening at all, and prepare for cyber incidents so that any impact is reduced. Putting security at the heart of your business doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming or complex.

Our speaker, DC Dan Maund, has over 16 years of investigative policing experience, during which time, the utilization of the internet and digital devices to enable or commit major crime has increased dramatically. Dan will provide an introduction to some of the major threats faced by business operating in a digital world, and some inexpensive tips on how to combat them.

Topics covered include :

  • Data and GDPR
  • Threat Landscape
  • Social Engineering/Phishing
  • First Responder/Cyber Drill
  • Passwords
  • Secure Devices
  • Privacy
  • Supply Chain
  • Accreditation

Time permitting, there will be an optional demo for those interested of common cyber attacks from a “hackers eye view”.